Empowerment from Within: Yoga and Our Youth by Cbabi Bayoc

Empowerment from Within: Yoga and Our Youth focuses on celebrating the movement of urban communities that pair yoga with youth in safe spaces. By promoting physical and mental well-being in his work, Bayoc allows viewers to explore the notions of focus, empowerment, and self-control through the eyes of children. His playful colors, presented within the context of youth and movement, subtly encouraged viewers to embrace slow, controlled action. Composed of shaped polymetal and acrylics, Warrior, Firefly, Flying Pigeon, Seek Enlightenment, Balance, and Queen Pigeon were on display in Terminal 2, between gates E18 and E20 from May, 2018 through November, 2018.

Time Won’t Give Me Time by Brandon Anschultz

Time Won’t Give Me Time is cones, Disco and After Party, that both reflect the tumultuous time of the gay community in the 1980’s. Disco is composed of three triangular mirror plinths each holding a different color of sand and glitter. After Party is composed of a black disco ball atop a mahogany base, loosely in the shape of the top of a coffin. Exploring juxtaposing feelings of joy, fear, rage, and sadness, Anschultz is able to celebrate the new possibilities of and memorialize the 1980’s as a time of deep transition within the gay community. His work pushes the imagination to places with strong emotional connections, while simultaneously celebrating the chaos that accompanied the time. Time Won’t Give Me Time were on display in the Terminal 1 Ticketing Lounge from May 2018 through November, 2018.