Carol Carter - Framed Watercolors


Carol Carter’s jewel-toned watercolors have been a favorite in St. Louis for nearly two decades. Her skills in creating bright, dynamic paintings in glowing, translucent colors have taken her around the country and world through teaching artist workshops and presenting exhibitions. For Art of Travel 2019, Carol will present an exclusive collection of her signature-styled watercolor paintings inspired by all things with wings!  

Robert Thomas Mullen - Jewelry


Robert Thomas Mullen is a St. Louis-based jewelry artist, sculptor and photographer who has traveled the world teaching, learning and making artwork. Using a combination of semi-precious stones and found materials, like carved Corian, Robert’s jewelry has an elegant, classic vibe contrasted with industrial tones and some rugged edges, straight from nature. For Art of Travel 2019, Robert is hitching a ride on Cloud 9 and will be handmaking a custom collection of edgy, but ethereal jewelry.

Malaika Tolford - Ceramics


Malaika Tolford makes functional ceramics inspired by history and place. Each of her handmade ceramic works feature graphic elements based on her training in anthropology, and a strong interest in archeology, architecture, and cartography. Basically, Malaika makes beautiful and interesting ceramics, that tell a story about the places where we live, that you are going to love using in your home. Specially for the Art of Travel 2019, Malaika explores the forms and functional designs of St. Louis Lambert Airport and St. Louis

Carmelita Nunez - Ceramics


St. Louis ceramicist Carmelita Nuñez joins the Art of Travel 2019 Pop-up Shop with a special collection of her signature, hand-made, illustrated ceramics. Focused on celebrating the everyday and highlighting the special moments in your life, Carmelita’s functional ceramics are comfortable and eclectic with bold patterns and bright colors. Come and shop for a new supercool coffee mug, special enough to become a future heirloom!  

Leia Zumbro - Jewelry


St. Louis artist, Leia Zumbro is excited for her second year of participation in Art of Travel. She will present a collection of her gold and silver jewelry which is inspired by natural shapes and patterns. When creating her jewelry, Leia starts with a familiar shape in metal and twists it into her style by adding texture and pattern, and using repetition and combinations of contrasting metals. As a result, her jewelry feels comfortable and wearable, but totally eye-catching and bold.

Eugenia Alexander - Silk Scarves

Indigo Scarves.jpg
Indigo Scarves2.jpg

Art of Travel attendees will get a sneak peek of Eugenia Alexander’s creativity before her exhibition this fall with the Lambert Art and Culture program. Specially for Art of Travel 2019, Eugenia has created a limited edition of bold, saturated indigo-dyed silk scarves. Eugenia’s textile design is often influenced by her African heritage and interest in Native American patterns and techniques, including bold colors and intricate line work.